A World Leader Since 1954.

Pacific Blasting & Demolition Ltd. has been a world leader in blasting and demolition for over 60 years. We are located in Burnaby, BC and Edmonton, AB Canada and our crews can be found working in remote and challenging locations all over the world.

Apprentice Commercial Demolition Journeyman - Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island

Pacific Blasting & Demolition’s Demolition Division in BC is now taking applications for individuals seeking a position in the apprenticeship program towards Commercial Demolition Journeyman. We are accepting applicants from both the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.


A thorough training & education program steers workers from little to no experience in the trade, to a skilled and competent tradesman, receiving some of the top labour wages in the union environment.


Blasting/Rock Work Division
Blasting/Rock Work Services

Our Blasting / Rock Work Division has performed precision blasting and rock slope stabilization work nationally and internationally since 1954. Private and public agencies throughout the world recognize our vast experience and commitment to safety in the fields of construction, mining, quarrying, tunneling, underwater applications, implosions, blast densification, metal hardening and slope stabilization.

Demolition Division
Demolition Services

Our Demolition Division has delivered a wide range of complete and selective demolition services since 1954.   Focusing on safety, clients, personnel and environmental sustainability has made us western Canada's leader in the demolition industry. We are based out of Burnaby, BC and Edmonton, AB. Contact us to find out how our vast experience will save you time and money.

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