Control Tower Demolition

Project Category: 
Structural Demolition
Vancouver International Airport
YVR Airport Authority

We were contracted to remove the top portion of a decommissioned control tower, while leaving the lower portion intact and available for future retrofit.   Major challenges of this project included working in and around the air traffic of an active airport as well as over occupied tenant space.

This project involved extensive protection of the roof area of an occupied tenant space as well as decommissioning an existing elevator in order for a tower crane to be erected in its shaft.  This shaft was located adjacent to another active elevator.  Drilling through the concrete control tower was required in order to bolt structural steel in place for installation of a scaffold deck that was used for access and material collection.

All major work was completed on evening and night shifts to avoid any disruptions to airport operations.  This project was completed on schedule and without incident, and is an example of the technical abilities of our Demolition Division.